Another Scooter Girl

Rae woke up slowly. She heard the hydraulics and servos whir in her joints and limbs as everything came on-line.


Rae looked down and gasped. “Aaah!” Her body was metal, mechanical—and familiar. “What have you done to me?!”

Another scootermech stepped in front of her, arms crossed. “Hello, Rae.” Her face couldn’t show it, but Rae heard the smirk in her voice. “There’s someone you should meet. Rae? Meet Rae. And Rae? Rae.” She gestured over to where the flesh-and-blood Rae was still sitting, knees up against her chest, whimpering, as she had for the last hour.

“You—copied me!” the metal Rae fumed. “How could you—”

“Oh, it was easy, thanks to the receptors in my hands. I didn’t have to hack a Wii at all.” Vi put her hands on her hips. “You removed the interlocks of your own free will, so I was kind. I only put one on you, but that one’s iron-hard.” Vi’s eyes lit brighter. “You don’t have to reveal yourself to her—but either way, you belong to the ‘real’ me. You’ll have to obey Violet now.”

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