The Last Stand

“Get up you fool! Get up or you’ll die!” Zane yelled, i could barely hear him. I smell blood and what i think was burnt flesh, where was my combat helmet? And then i remember the shell, and the flash of light…. Where are my men!? My vision clears and answers my question. They’re all gathered around me, well, whats left of them.
I grab for my rifle, the clip’s low on ammo. Why didnt we have some warning? i jump for cover just in time to see Zane’s arm blown away at the elbow, his shriek chilling me to the bone. We never had a chance, we were the last line and yet they reached us first.
I prime a grenade, lob it over the bit of cover i have and wait for the blast. It goes off with shattering force, and i make a mad dash for them. I drop three, no, four of them before i feel the impact and my legs give. Shitfire, i look like a block of swiss. i Laugh, which turns into a cough and sprays blood on my face.
I’d say a prayer if I thought I had the right. At least we tried…

At least we tried…

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