Charles and Emma

Emma promised herself she would never marry, but when she met Charles, she knew in her heart that promise would be broken. He was not a normal suitor. Not one that her parents might have arranged for her to meet. She was therefore convinced that his appearance in her life was destiny.

Charles grew up with a mother who spent all her time in the garden. As a result, Charles had always kindled a special love of the outdoors, and the earth’s natural beauties. In Emma he found a different kind of beauty. He was hers from their first meeting.

Ironically, their courtship lasted for several months. Nobody would have guessed that they would eventually marry. After all, they barely spoke! But the public could not see how Charles and Emma shared their souls when alone. The world seemed warmer when the other spoke. The lightest touch could heal any wound. When they did marry, Charles kept a garden, and in it their first daughter was conceived.

At age 9, Alyssa swore she would never marry. Her parents knew better.

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