Only In My Dreams

I was startled to waking. I couldn’t tell you what did it, but as I rolled over and opened my eyes, I felt myself laying in my bed. A feeling of intense disappointment crept up from my neck to the back of my head—it couldn’t have been. Only a dream? You’re kidding me. But it was so real! This is garbage. This is the cosmos looking down at me and laughing. I plopped my head back down on the pillow and sighed, rolling over to press my face into it and try and go back to sleep.

Not gonna happen.

Resigning myself to the world of the living, I put my glasses on and looked at my phone. I had a text message, and from a number not in my address book apparently.

“Did you find your way back from down the rabbit hole?”

I sighed happily, and all the tension drained from me. I was wrong, and in the best possible way.

I replied to the text message: “You nearly gave me a heart attack in getting me back, my dear, but yes, I found it.”

Her reply came soon after: “Great! So, when can I kiss you again?”

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