“Well, how would you know? It’s not like you’ve ever been off this dinky little Plane.”

“I happen to live in this ‘dinky little Plane’. Besides, you know I can’t transport yet!” Accamel looked offended and crossed his arms in turn.

“As your mentor, I refuse to teach you how to transport until you settle down a bit.” said Cinder importantly.

“Settle down a bit?!?!” replied Accamel indignantly.

“Having you terrorizing one Plane is enough! You have no idea how much grief I get from the Council about you.” Cinder chided.

“Oh, you mean like about that little incident at the palace the other day?” Accamel gloated, rubbing his hands together slyly. A few small sparks jumped out and sparkled brightly for a second before dying.

“That wasn’t funny. You seriously frightened that Duke."

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