The Neurophages XIII

When Miles eventually tore loose from Lou’s embrace he stammered “You? I never suspected …”
“You can be such a dimwit sometimes, didn’t you notice my aprons?” Lou retorted smilingly.
“Yes, but I thought they were meant for someone else.”
“Who else could there possibly be?” she let the question hang in the air.
Miles stared at her speechless, sinking into the deep tawny sandpits of her eyes and Lou stared back, relishing the play of emotions on his face.

“Erm,” interrupted the angel “I know you two have just discovered each other, but I think we need a plan of action before we reach Babbage.”
“What’s the use? Even if you use your flaming sword again, as soon as this hatch opens we’ll be overwhelmed by a swarm of those horrible machines, or worse.” Miles moaned in resignation.
“Not necessarily.” Alba replied “There is something I have not told you earlier, and it’s the reason for this” she pointed at her scar “as well the reason I was imprisoned in the chamber. In short, I am the last emissary of my people.”

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