Smart Car Blues

“I don’t see how this can ever work, Bill,” I said dubiously.

We’d both gone down to check out a new Smart Car, a bubble shaped little “green” car that we’d been seeing around town lately. We agreed that if one of us could get under the wheel, we’d take it for a spin.

It was surprisingly roomy. I did fit; the steering wheel had a convienent tilt to it. But with Bill at 348 pounds and me at nearly 500, that cool little car was unnervingly cramped for space. Truth be told, it took a lot of wiggle and twist to get us both settled and ready to go.

It started right up when I turned the key and sounded good when I revved it a couple of times. But when I slipped it into gear to back it up, it shivered and shook and ground to a halt. We got out to see what had happened, only to discover all four tires were flat!

I was frankly a little cheesed off about the whole thing until Bill suggested we go look at Corvettes instead. He said that they were much more fat guy friendly.

I was skeptical but went along anyhow.

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