Family Reunion

Dylan was the black sheep in the family. Therefore, all the little cousins loved him. The rumble of his motorcycle pulling up outside made the adults all cringe, tension in the room forming a white elephant so large it stifled the conversation.

Dinner was politely formal, until Dylan flicked a pea from his spoon to the kiddie table.
“Dylan!” Great-Aunt Cathy was red in the face with rage. “This has got to stop!”

“What?” Dylan glared at her.

“I would have thought you’d have left your childish behavior behind after..”

Dylan pushed his chair back, suddenly standing. “After ‘the accident’?” he made quotes with his fingers. “What do you want, an apology?!”

“For starters, yes.” Piped up Uncle Gary.

“I’m not sorry!” There was a collective gasp. “I’m not sorry I drive a motorcycle, smoke, drink, and go to bars! I’m not sorry Tyler loved me! I’m not sorry he followed me outside last year and no one saw him. I don’t want your forgiveness!” Dylan frowned at Cathy.
“For cryin’ out loud people, he was a DOG!”

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