Jigsaw (part 3)

What he didn’t realize was that she knew there was more to their love than the one aspect.

Sometimes, she felt, men could be so short-sighted when it came to a romance. They latched on to one aspect of it and worried that they fell short, or were not worthy. It grew and grew on their minds until they became blind to the fact that the women who loved them, loved all of them, warts and all.

She worried when he got like this. She didn’t know how to make him see that there were no “shackles” binding her to him. Only love. She felt his insecurity may be the one thing that she could not overcome. She couldn’t make him open his eyes and see the things she loved about him, no matter how hard she tried. She couldn’t make him understand that when she loved him, it was for life.

She was fighting hard to get to the point when, one day, she could be inches from him instead of oceans. And he could look in her eyes then, and maybe – finally – understand.

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