Installing a Snow Leopard

“Because he’s my brother and, hence, clueless,” Tara said, appearing before us with her arms crossed. She reached out to caress Nadia under the chin. “But you know, you’re right. I think I would like to get ‘under your skin’. After you ate my brother, who I was saving for later, dammit, I think it’s the least you can do for me.”

“Wait! What’re you—” Nadia protested. But then Tara slipped around behind her and stepped into her, pulling Nadia’s body on over her own like a pair of coveralls. Nadia’s body shrank down, and then I was facing a snow-leopard neko who otherwise looked just like my sister.

“Ooooh, she doesn’t like that much!” Tara giggled. “But she’ll settle down after a while.”

“But how did you—” I sputtered.

“I’m in Vore Studies at school,” she explained. “I thought it was about those Bujold books I liked, but by the time I found out it what it really was it was too late. Oh well, at least it came in handy this time!”

“Were you planning on telling me before or after you ate me?” I wondered.

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