Ow, I landed on my keys...

“If I told you I was planning to eat you, you would have tried to have me committed,” Tara said, rolling her eyes. “Besides, it wasn’t going to be for a while, I’m still only a class one so I can’t project you out into a separate body yet, which means you can’t go to work, so we’re probably going to lose the apartment. Although now that I think about it, my new fur coat comes with a pretty nice job that comes with some pretty nice perks, like a penthouse so she doesn’t have to commute. Mom’s gonna freak though.”

After that, Tara put me in a kind of extended sleep for quite a while, so I’m going to hand the storytelling duties off to her for the mean time.

Hi, I’m Tara, you’ve already heard a bit so I’m just going to jump in where Ethan left off.

I pretty much knew what had to be done then, so I put Ethan away and headed for the bathtub. She caught me off guard as much as I did her, so I wasn’t able to get her naked before I ate her. Annoyingly, as it turns out, her keys and stuff had been in her pockets.

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