Rules Were Made To Be Broken

“Rules Were Made To Be Broken Baby” Rick slurred
He was drunk and I could smell the strong smell of whiskey everytime he pushed himself onto me and stuck his slobbery tongue down my throat. I was sober, which was a first for me. I was always drunk at parties, I was expected to, being popular. My boyfriend Rick was always drunk and I was fed up. He kept on trying to feel me up.
“GET OFF ME,HELP!” I yelled, but no matter how hard or loud I yelled, no one was coming
Everyone was just as drunk as Rick and weren’t paying the slightest bit of attention, I was trapped. Who knew what Rick would do to me?
I tried to yell for help again but Rick now slapped me. “Stop Bitch!” he yelled. The next thing I knew he was on the floor. Alex had punched him, Alex my best friend.
“ALEX!” I yelled and jumped on him giving him a big hug, “Its Alright” he said trying to keep me warm. I must have fell asleep because I woke up next to Alex, stroking my hair.
“You saved me” I whispered to him.
“No, You saved me” and he kissed me

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