The SteamMechs 2 (challenge)

“I can play too!” the pigtailed girl demanded.
“I’ve found a fish, that’s it, now go away!”
“Let me see!”
“NO! Take off the RealityCap and go play Barbies!”
“Mom said I can play too!”

We didn’t have time to argue, as Moctezuma himself suddenly sat before us on a golden throne.
“They say you have a talking fish that grants wishes.”

“It’s just a fish, really..”

“Make it speak!”
“I can’t, it won’t.”

Moctezuma waved a hand and a guard ran off. I gulped.
“Now you’ve done it,” whispered my little sister.

The guard returned followed by a man in long robes decorated in glyphs and carrying a staff. He sneered at me, and spoke some kind of incantation.

“NO!” I covered the fish with my body, trying to protect it.

“So the fish is special,” the emperor stated. “You lied to me.”

“Uh-oh,” said the cherub. She whipped out a book and flipped the pages quickly. “Here! Let’s go!” She bolted.

I had no choice but to follow her. We ran across the courtyard, crashing into two more guards.

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