The SteamMechs 3 {Finale} (challenge)

“Use the fish!” my sister screamed.
“No! I bet it was lying,” I reasoned.
“Try it!” she was panting now and angry. Spears landed beside us as we cleared the palace grounds.
“Fish! Can you really grant wishes?”
“What is a wish, really?” the fish hedged.
“There’s no time for this! I wish for a getaway vehicle!”

The fish disappeared, and in front of them puffed a steam powered, six wheeled, metal car.

“Whoa!” my sister exclaimed. She ran faster, making a beeline for the passenger seat. I climbed into the driver’s seat and looked for a key.

“Where’s the key?!”
My sister whipped out her book. “Says here you need to open a valve. Look for a wheel.”
We searched the cabin, spears pinging off the sides, and guards getting closer.
“Aha!” she declared.
Steam rushed through a pipe, and we slowly began to move. The guards beat on the sides, but we gained speed and soon left them behind.

“Kids! Dinner’s ready!” rang out over the Aztec sky.
“Aww, Mom!” we said in unison.

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