Sophia smiled. Mathew scooted slowly closer to Stella. She ignored the movement and focused on the movie.He put his hand on her lap and slowly moved it up her leg closer and closer to her private parts. “Mathew, what are you doing?” Stella said monotoned. “Nothing.” he said quickly moving his hand off of her leg. About two seconds later his hands were creeping up her thighs and into her crotch. She elbowed him and tried to remove him from her view. “Its no fun if you don’t let me.” He whined. “That sucks.” Stella growled. He tried once more to touch her privates. Once more she elbowed him. “Come on, ts no fun if i cant play.” He whined. “Hmm, that sucks.” She grimaced.
“Please.” She ignored the plee and focused on the movie. “Please.” He whined." “NO!” she screamed. The bell rang and she ran out of the class. Sophia ran up next to Stella and they began laughing. “Dude what did he freakin do?!” Sophia laughed out. “He freakin TOUCHED me!!” She laughed as she flung their locker door open and put their stuff in.

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