Back From the Dead

They all gasp. One woman faints. The rest stare. In has just walked Victor Vitrino, the man they all thought was dead.
“Hello, everyone. I thought you all would be delighted to see me.” He sashays across the room to a woman who had moments before been laughing hysterically.
“I’d especially thought you would have liked to see me again, my darling.” He takes her hand and kisses it.
She snatches it from his grasp and hisses, “You’re supposed to be dead.” Another gasp spreads round the room.
“Oh my darling, I am. I am.” Another woman faints.
“After you pushed my car over that nasty little cliff, I was ready to go into the light.” He pauses.
“But then a thought occurred to me. Why should you have all the fun?” His hand shoots out and grabs her by the throat.
“Now, I’m going to have a little fun as well,” he growls.

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