Turn in the Weather

That’s how it all started, which was fitting really. The sparkling burn of new romance warmed an October day leaving my cheeks more than a little red.

Six months later, and clouds of April were beginning to give way to a Summer sun. We stood in the same park where we’d walked then. A ripple of wind across the grass made me think of his stupid cartwheels for some reason. The grave look on his face did not indicate someone about to turn head over heels at any time in the foreseeable future.

“It’s a beautiful morning, dontha’ think?” he tried lamely, hollow words of empty conversation falling flat.

My eyes found their way to a squirrel busying himself at the base of a tree, “It’s a little cold.” I could feel my nails digging into my bare arms.

He sighed and searched for something for to occupy his gaze, “I don’t know. Geez, I’m still happy to be with you, you know.”

“Is that what you told her?” The words came before I could think, and the silence followed resolutely.

My day seemed a little darker.

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