Shoot Up; Just One More..

The night air blasted Lori in the face as she paced back and forth in the dark alley. This was the last time. That was a promise that she made every time she met this man. He never gives away anything personal, that’s what set him apart from her past dealer’s. He was weary, more cautious. Probably best, for him anyways. And for Lori. Now there was no way she could pretend that he wasn’t trying to hurt her in any way, shape or form. A dark figure strode down the alley towards her and the anxiety disappeared immediately.
“Sorry it took so long.”
Always the same monotone voice, he never had any expression. The transaction was quick. He handed her the small plastic bag and she handed him the roll of bills. As soon as the money was in his hand, he turned and walked, with more haste, back the way he had come. She walked the opposite way. Towards the back of the alley. She didn’t want to wait until she got home. She prepared the crank and needle, sat on a bench and stuck herself. Feeling instant gratification.

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