Through the Eyes of an Average Teen (going for the humor side.)

Arizona’s condition hadn’t changed any in the last month. She stayed in her comatose state, being able to hear everything happening around her. At least, that’s what Doctor Robinson said. Her brother, Adam, sat at her bedside.
“Doc, anything new? Anything changed?”
He shook his head.
“Well, son. We ran some tests, blood tests. And I’ve found something that’s spiked my interest in your sister.”
“What is it, Doc?”
“Your sister, she’s, how can I put this…pregnant.”
“That’s impossible! She’s been in a coma for the past year!”
“Yes. She has. I’m the father.”
“She’s a very heavy sleeper.”
A gasp escaped Adam’s lips.
“And one more thing.”
“She’s not your sister. She’s your mother’s aunt’s daughter.”
“So that’d make her-”
“Your sister.”
“Oh, I almost forgot. I’m your father.”
“But, your the same age as I am.”
“I know.”
A young man came running into the room, out of breath.
“This man is an imposter! I’m Doctor Robinson! This man is my twin brother, Levi!”
Will this ever be resolved?

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