Dry Low Tide II

The sun blazed on above my shell was very hot I could feel my water beginning to dry up. I could hear the waves below, they sounded closer now. I prayed the water would hurry up on its trek up the cliffs to reach me. All I could think about was my rumbling stomach. I could nearly taste the salty plankton that the waves brought to me every day. I could feel my tongue swell in my shell and it was getting hard to breathe. I can’t breathe this dry air. I began to feel sleepy as the sun continued to shine above on the shimmering life giving waters of the sea. I took a last look around and noticed the snail was gone as I feel asleep.

I could feel cooling water rush over my shell waking me from my near deadly slumber. I opened my shell wide and drank in the water. I ate up the plankton and nutrients that have been washed in to the highest reaches of the tide, in no time I could breathe again.

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