It Will Be Ok

“He texted me Bridgette!You want to hear what he wrote?! He wrote to me: “Hey Demi, You want to catch up sometime soon? Your addictive babe ;)” She squeals through the phone

I can feel my heart breaking. I know I should be ecstatic for her, shes my best friend but I can’t help feeling somewhat down. He was never mine to start with so I shouldn’t feel upset.

For once though I thought that I had a proper friend and maybe, just maybe, we’d become more. I saw the way he looked at her but I was dumb enough to ignore it when people told me otherwise.

“I’m happy for you guys” I manage to say, while the tears slowly poor down my face.

I am happy for her, I tell myself. I am happy for her, I always will be whatever happens.I just have so much going much heartache, she wouldn’t understand that I’ll be happy if they go out and that I’ll be upset because of my own reasons,not because of her…

Its not worth loosing her for some guy.

“I’ll be ok” I tell myself, but I wonder

“Will I ever be ok?”

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