Woman in Chains

“So…what exactly is going on here?” I asked.

Jackie sat on a dusty sofa. “Mom said that since I didn’t respect your human rights, I have to be punished. So I’m to stay in here for at least twenty-four hours, until such time as you feel like letting me out again.”

“But it wasn’t your fault,” I said.

“She knows that. Duh.” Jackie rolled her eyes. “I think she just wants to get rid of me for a while. We get on each other’s nerves after a few years. So I’m yours now, until you let me go or she decides she needs me after all.”

I blinked. “Mine?”

“Yep! Entirely subject to your will. Oh, don’t worry, I’m good with it. It’s not like this is the first time she’s done this.” Jackie shook her head. “She once indentured me to a succubus for a year in exchange for some spell or other.” She snorted. “Oh, she made the contract ironclad, she thought. I couldn’t be harmed or corrupted unwillingly. But she forgot to forbid being corrupted willingly.” Jackie smiled. “You’re in for some interesting dreams tonight.”

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