Emma and Robert are sitting in the quiet non-smoking area of a bar in a five star hotel. The plush couches and soft pillows exude an opulence that neither is quite accustomed to. Raucous laughter drifts from the smoking section. Emma orders for both. “Something not so pink, if you can manage.” whispers Robert. “But I like pink and it’s just so girly, don’t you think? But for you …”

While they wait for the drinks conversation drifts hither and tither until with butterfly tenderness it comes to rest on the subject of sex. A pause. Emma rises without a word and saunters around the corner. Much too quickly she returns “Nobody there. Come now!” Hand in hand they slip into the girl’s bathroom and close the door to the cubicle behind them.

She fumbles with his belt and zip. His pants drop to the floor. He twists her around, pushes her hands against the wall and breathes “You’re sexy” He lifts her dress and slides the panty down to her ankles. With quick thrusts he fucks her until they both orgasm simultaneously.

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