Ode To Taylor Swift

I can’t stop.
Not that I want to, though.
Because its mezmerizing. It makes me feel like I’m alive.
Gives me something to live for, you could say. Makes it all worth while.
Well, I shouldn’t say it. Its more like she. Yes, she is almost, you can say…

Her voice.
Her laugh.
Her smile.
Her beauty.

Addictifying. Is the word I made up for what she is. Full of life and energy, I cannot seem to get enough of her. Nobody knows her better than I do.

The first step is to admit your addiction.
I dont really have a problem with it.
My addiction, I mean. Its not unhealthy, you could say.

Whats the addiction?! You make ask. And I’ll tell, I cant get enough of,

My lovely addiction, to Taylor Swift.

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