The Queen's Wrath

The driver pulls back the reins, and the carriage comes to a stop with a plodding of hooves and a stirring of dust and dirt. The horses’ nostrils flare and they whinny nervously. The group of men on horseback surround the cart, demanding the driver step down from his perch.

Noting something is amiss, Queen Lauren pulls open the window and shouts to the driver. “Why have we stopped?”

“Robbers, Your Highness!”

“Robbers?” she says, laughing. “Who would dare rob the Queen? Do they all wish to die?”

“You must stay inside, Queen. It is not safe!”

The queen steps out of the carriage, rips off her gown at the hip, and does a backflip in front of them. They dismount and surround her. A heavy-set man with a patch over one eye chugs from a bottle of liquor and he knocks her to the ground. He stands above her, ready to smash her face with the bottle, but she moves out of the way, flipping to her feet and headbutting him with tremendous force.

With their weapons raised high, the six remaining men charge toward her.

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