Too Much Soap

Everyone gathered around, as they knew that Mariellise was about to die on her death bed.
“I-I need, C-C-h-harlene,” she stutters. Charlene moves through the small crowed, next to her mother.
“Yes, mother?” Charlene asks, holding to her tight.
“Charlene. Rebecca, Rebecca she’s y-your, t-twinn s-s-sister,” her mother whispers, right before the beeping sounds, goes flat. Rebecaa cries as she sees her mother’s eyes roll back, but she knows she new must leave and find Rebecaa before its too late to find her.

She ends up at Rebecca’s apartment and lets herself in.
“Rebecca?” she calls out. She hears some weird noise, from the bedroom and enters, only to find Rebecca having sex with—gasp!—her brother, Charles! They both shuffle out of bed and are embarassed, “Rebecca. Mariellise just died, and she told me…she told me we’re twins!” Charles and Rebecca look at each other and smile, while Charles pulls out a gun and shoots Charlene.
“Sorry, sis, but nobody was supposed to know about that. Mom was a snitch,”

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