The Happy Goat VI: The Rise of the Angry Goat

The Happy Goat had always had one enemy. All whom he lived with despised this enemy with a passion. His name was the Angry Goat. He rarely was seen but lurked in the shadows, where there was no existence besides the deer and bears that lurked in his land.

One day, the time came when he must visit the Happy Goat. They met together on the farm and a great face off began. The Angry Goat had an angry look on his face but the Happy Goat remained Happy, as per usual.

“The time has come, you must leave forever,” said the Angry Goat. The wind was blowing through their goatees as the came face to face. They locked horns and had an epic battle. After an hour of endless struggle, the Happy Goat prevailed.
“And so, my brother, you have been defeated,” the Happy Goat admired as everyone looked in shock. They had never known that the Happy Goat and the Angry Goat had been brothers. The Angry Goat never came back…

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