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I live in the Kansas City area with my wife and white schnauzer. We have a small duplex with green carpet and an average size yard that my dog loves to run around in. I love my job and do well at it, enjoy smoking a pipe and the tasting of new brews with my friends. I am pretty gifted in any art form, though my passion truly lies within the Martial Arts. Over the last 15 years I have studied multiple martial arts and have excelled at all of them. My dream job would probably consist of me choreographing Action/Fight scenes for movies. This has been a snippet of me and who I am.


  1. The Golem's Lamb Stew

    The sun is starting to set, a soft copper glow is reflecting off the surrounding ridges. The echoing sound of battle resounds through this valley. Electric blue sparks fizzle in the air as the Geomancer Terron spends his remaining power in exhaustion. ...