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I’m a painter, not a writer, but oftentimes the pictures can’t get out until the words are out of the way. I have terrible grammar. I wish I could sigh dramatically and whisper, “Alas …” on a daily basis, or something equally ridiculous. I miss being a kid. Sarcasm often goes straight over my head, but I respond well to facetiousness. I so rarely put my clothes away that I swear the piles procreate (the pile of dirty clothes is the most promiscuous, no surprises there). I’m all over The Apocalypse, Zombification and Choose Your Own Adventures. Although, I doubt I’ll ever write about any of them. See the bad grammar? Well, I thought Granny Grammer was a big snore. I keep writing this biography because my character count hasn’t run out yet … I don’t think Peace on Earth is possible, but Good Will to Men is more than acheiveable if everyone would laugh more, pass around non-creepy hugs and get laid at least once a year (far more often if you are a world leader in charge of WMDs). My big secret …


  1. inevitability

    Sgt Riley quirked his eyebrow and said, “I’m not really sure what you mean …” Nurse Howser sighed, told herself she’d tried her best and blurted out, “They couldn’t save,” glancing down, “it.”...

  2. laundry night

    There were a lot of things she didn’t believe in. Life on Mars, for example. Romance. Expiration dates on canned goods. Apologies. Order however, was something she believed in almost religiously. Junk drawers gave her nightmares. And those claw v...

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