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  1. Rain Birds

    Lately, sitting in a beach chair on the dirt that would some day be his backyard lawn, David has been expecting, feeling entitled to, signs from God. Not the earthshaking variety, of course. Nothing need be broken, shattered, or set aflame. He’s hopi...

  2. Leather Interior (Mature)

  3. Killer Instincts II

    As a lawyer, Newman was happy with a small practice that paid the bills and allowed him three weeks of vacation in the summer and plenty of time for an active social life. He’d never been encumbered by too much ambition. While he was attracted to tho...

  4. Killer Instincts (Mature)

  5. The Habit of Toothpicks

    “Shut up, Pamela,” he says. But he’s not sure she can hear him. His voice sounds far away. The table has started to rise and is pushing against his chest. It’s very difficult to breathe. He tries to stand, bending over because the ceiling is so...

  6. The Monkeys and Who

    Tom spots Ruth. He spies her and takes a gander. She is sitting in the corner writing. Writing what? Her hand scoots across the page in a Morse code rhythm: The party of the first part…The party of the second. No. It’s all computer templates now, y...

  7. Cajun Uncle Jack's California Story

    I follow Uncle Jack to the ice chest. He hands me a beer and I almost start to look for a glass. Almost. “I was in Long Beach, oh, year I retired,” he says. “Manufacturer flew me out. Sittin’ in this park, or what, green belt, my my. I see this...

  8. When We Were Brothers

    I saw my chance to derail the Hollywood routine. “Wow big brother, that’s gotta be some sort of long distance record for you.” This was a strategic comment. Like all mid-level gofers who pony through the studio hallways, Eric carried around bucke...

  9. When We Were Brothers II (Mature)

  10. Honest Like A Zombie (Mature)

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