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  1. You Don't Always Need Protection

    I advanced on her. “Give it up, doll. I’m warning you just this once; I’ll shoot you if you make me.” I was bluffing, of course. I’d left my .38 at home like a goddamn rookie. What was I supposed to do, ask the chief for a...

  2. Disconnect

    I’ve never been real good at talking with other people. Always a bit of a loner, especially ever since Bill and rest… hell, you know that already. But yeah, after the war, a guy who’s half prosthetic and PTSD ain’t exactly the p...

  3. Ledger

    Let me tell you about my work. It’s the type of job where if you are woken in the middle of the night, choking on a sweaty gag while a couple of assholes in masks stand around holding sharp objects, you think thank God I didn’t wake up late...

  4. Window Shopping

    Rain spilt down the walls, dripping off of window sills and onto the heads of the ragged people pressed up to the brick as I moved through the tightly packed crowd, skimming over their faces with my goggles down. Their skin shimmered with all the color...

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