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I’m a 24-year-old reporter working at a small-town newspaper in the Pacific Northwest. I want to stretch my writing chops just a wee bit, hence the interest in this site.

I’m a skeptic, atheist and self-proclaimed lover of dinosaurs and 1950’s sci-fi movies. I imagine all of those themes will eventually make into the stories I write here.


  1. The Empty Glass

    I awoke and was suddenly aware of the pillow, the sheets draped across me, and a quietly breathing form by my side. Departure forced its way into my mind, though all I wanted to do was return to the laughing country where she and I were happy. Together...

  2. The Ride

    Paul jolted awake. He couldn’t believe he had fallen asleep with his chin on his chest during such an important trip. His eyes made quick glances into his periphery. Fortunately, he was sitting in the right front passenger seat of the lumbering, ...

  3. Rapture

    “The Lettered do not want what we want! They walk the path of death and damnation; a path that cannot be followed!” priest-father Morgath bellowed, a droplet of spittle leaving his lips and landing on the gleaming plate of glass on which sc...

  4. Tuesday Night

    The Martians came on a Tuesday evening, if I remember correctly. Yes, a Tuesday. That day always has a specific feel to it, doesn’t it? When the pods dropped I was sitting in my kitchen, scraping the last of a congealed mass of macaroni and chees...

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