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A fella from the wee village north of the 49th in the Americas, known as Canada. Bringing you the best^ of online entertainment^^ for the last, say, several minutes.

^relative term, related to online entertainment
^^all of the terrible horrible tripe found on these here internets posing as entertainment that not even the authors of said entertainments can stomach for more than the nanoseconds it takes to consume the concept of the thought of viewing said entertainments – yes, my stuff is the best of that :)


  1. If Thing

    Wanting to be waiting an if thing. She slides to my begin happy unless useless I cry, “Can hope intention?” No no no. Thinking this thing no if. Another sleeping quote I can’t going I can’t. “Beautiful until I have,” she angles upon out. Wo...

  2. Sanctuary (Mature)

  3. The Last Car

    I smiled warmly at my wife. “Thank you, sweetie. It’s exactly what I wanted.” I held the red caboose to my chest, close to my heart. She smiled back at me and patted me on my knee. “I knew it was. You’re like an open book to me.” She gave m...

  4. Lucky Me? (Mature)

  5. Along Comes a Sinner

    I immediately spied a small dark-haired girl, leaned out my window, and beckoned her over. She was pale, slouched, and alone. Eyes downcast, she quickly approached the car. “Get in,” I said simply. She did. As she slid into the car, she appeared ev...

  6. Before Me Was a White Horse

    As I slid into my white Ford Mustang, I wondered if I should start wearing a glove over my left hand. I would spend less time in annoying conversations and more time ridding the Earth of the damned. My performance to date had not been stellar. There ar...

  7. The First Horseman

    “Buddy?” a stout fellow at the sink next to me said, “ya gonna wash your other hand, too? – it’s not lookin’ so good.” He glanced over the rest of me – my clothes were immaculate – not a touch of lint, nor dust. My face and right hand...

  8. Holiday Greetings (Mature)

  9. Lucky Me

    I stared at the money. I had never seen so much money before—ever. “I… I’ll take it.” “You won’t regret it!” she said as she slid effortlessly into her recently detailed 2005 Ford Focus, fired up the four cylinders and drove off into th...

  10. The Cost

    The ace up his sleeve itched a little. “I raise… all I have.” Steel-gray eyes stared back at him unflinching. They squinted. A tongue darted out to quench dry lips. “I… I don’t think you have it. You’re bluffing. I call with… all I have...

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