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  1. Word Vomit

    speak like rats Quick and uncom forta ble. What makes it this that is how it is? How do I articulate without vomiting Security intense insecurity and it’s the end and the beginning and time will fly when you’re having fun length means nothi...

  2. 'Til Death

    “Marry me!” he shrieked at her, gesticulating wildly. His bloodshot eyes met hers and held them, shoes crunching the gravel of the apartment roof as he paced. “No.” “NO!” the man screamed in a mockery of the woman...

  3. Do not read

    My internet caused this awful repeat of the same story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Do not read

    Another bloody repeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ignore this


  6. Now

    and again I’ve found myself Lost Desolate Frightened of what is Anxious of what may come Ashamed of what has been new Beginnings, Experiences, Faces i am Unknown and i am Afraid

  7. To Live

    This! This is what life is about, is it not? The rush of adrenaline, wind clawing through your hair, and your entire entity, your all and total, is rushing helplessly towards Mother Earth. This is living. Your stomach churns, your intestines move of th...

  8. Recognition

    The smell of age emanates off the polaroids as he lifts the image close to his face. The yellowed figures stare back at him, an unrecognizable pair upon first glance but whose eyes speak of familiarity. The young couple hold each other with a subtle ai...

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