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  1. Toes

    My toes are two steps away from being claws. A leap or so away from being able to play piano with the same dexterity (read: clumsy persistence) as my hands. I can splay them to grasp the ground, pick up a pencil. My mother says I’m a throwback- m...

  2. Sentimental Heart

    I saw you in a dream again last night. You smiled. You laughed with me and took my hand. Though buildings crumbled about us we stayed happy and lighthearted; you were so open and full of light. When I awoke, I was still smiling. I made my tea and brush...

  3. Abelard and Eloise

    There was so much she remembered about the quiet boy she’d known on Akada, and so little of it reflected back at her from the face of Abelard. She pursed her lips and gazed over the expanse of his vessel. It was… well, it was a bit disappointing, i...

  4. Moon Child

    Athena couldn’t help but feel a little slighted as she looked through her bedroom window past the variegated grays of the lunar landscape. In the ink black sky hung the most beautiful jewel she’d ever seen: Earth. She remembered being enthr...

  5. Second Chances

    She forgot him. Not all at once, but at fits and starts over years, her mind piling full of new memories that had nothing to do with his blue eyes or the curve of his lips. She built dreams of a future that bore no resemblance to the fantasies she ente...

  6. nonetheless

    If she had asked me to describe you a year ago, I would have told her about the first time I saw a meteor shower with my own eyes. The all-consuming thrill of witnessing something so beautiful mark my dark sky. If she asked me today, I would tell her a...

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