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I’m a “mature” student and part time restaurant monkey. I’m studying television production in Aberdeen, Scotland. In my spare time I enjoy writing in my blog, (www.TheBlogOfAndyG.com). I hope to one day be a writer, sadly I have very little talent.
Have a read of my stories and my blog and let me know what you think.
Andy G


  1. Broke

    Andy G was broke. Times were tough, he couldn’t pay the bills, he hadn’t been out for a beer in months, he simply couldn’t afford it. He needed to get a job, but what job? He didn’t really have any talents. He was terrible at DI...

  2. 82

    “So why 82?” Asked John “What do ya mean? " Replied Andy. “Why 82 stories? Seems like quite a random number to me, why not 80, or round it up to 100 like you planned?” This put Andy on the defensive. “You can’t just write 100 stories...

  3. what do you think?

    Andy gave him the book a week ago as a birthday present, he knew Gavin had a massive book collection so he was keen to hear his opinion. “So what did yo think?” “Why did you get me this as a present? I know I read a lot, but there is ...

  4. Are we keeping you? (Mature)

  5. Abandon Ship

    He stared at the view screen, the gargantuan alien ship seemed to stretch on forever, and there was only one thing between it and the Earth. Him. “All hands abandon ship, this is not a drill.” Alone on the bridge, so many thoughts ran throu...

  6. Subliminal

    Andy wasn’t sure about this. It just didn’t seem right somehow. Normally, in his job, he did some quite unethical things, but it was a requirement. Disastrous consequences would ensue if his company got found out for this. You can’t m...

  7. How was the wedding?

    So how was the wedding? Andy read the email over and over again. He couldn’t remember much about it. He knew he was an usher, he knew there was a church, but it was kind of a blur. He thought he should reply, so he wrote down everything he could ...

  8. I'm outta that game

    “I’m outta that game now, I’m ligit.” Said AJ while sipping on the cheapest whisky the bar had to offer “We need you AJ, We need the best.” Paulie said with a hint of desperation in his voice. “I ain’t th...

  9. The Gig

    This was it, his big gig. He knew the opening number, he knew it would get the crowd going. All those people, all those eyes. All fixated on him. He felt more alive than he ever had before. He closed his eyes, cleared his mind, and focused on the music...

  10. Don't Open The Door

    “Whatever you do, don’t open the door.” he shouted. “I wont.” “Don’t even go near it, they’ll see you.” This was his worst nightmare. There were dozens of them, they were peering in the windows &...

  11. A brand new (Un)life

    He was laughing so hard. He was an immortal, he would never age, never wither and die. He was forever young, forever beautiful. This was brilliant. He felt strangely powerful, and a hunger, a hunger stronger than anything he had ever felt before. He kn...

  12. The Awakening

    He awoke, he was scared. He was confused. Where the hell was he? “Oh God.” he exclaimed The last thing he remembered was being in the alley with the Vampire Leader, he struck the deal and the leader bit him. Then he knew where he was, he was in his...

  13. Vanity

    Jack would spend hours getting ready, not just when he went on a night out. Anytime he left the house he made sure he was always wearing the perfect outfit, his hair was all perfectly in place, there were no scuff marks on his shoes, and he was perfect...

  14. Late night visit

    She knew it was a bad idea, that’s why she didn’t text him, but then another round got bought, and another. And then the shots started, sambuca, tequila, more sambuca. Then her bad idea suddenly became a GREAT idea. So she text him, and he ...

  15. Late night visitor

    The door bell went, his earlier feelings of exhaustion had long since disappeared. He had cleaned his flat in record time, he was gonna hook up with the beautiful Kelly, and as an added bonus his entire flat smelt like Lynx Africa. He opened the door a...

  16. late night clean up

    She was on her way, this was probably a bad idea, but he was a bit drunk and the sensible decision he had made just minutes before seemed ridiculous now. He sat up on his couch, and then he realised. There was a hot girl coming to his flat, right now,...

  17. late night text

    His phone beeped the familiar beep indicating a text had been received. Out 2 nite? Whenever Kelly texta it usually meant she was drunk, and she usually wanted to hook up. He was tired, it was 3 am and he had just got in. He couldn’t be bothered ...

  18. Falling in Love

    Kenny saw her across the restaurant floor, she was gorgeous. He had been working in this crappy restaurant for months now and he was sick to death of serving old grannies. The average age of a customer in here was well over 65. At last, someone who st...

  19. Illegal Aliens

    “Are they in our zone again?” He asked with a tone of disgust. He hated them. Filthy aliens. They arrived 10 years ago, they claimed they could help. They would share all the advanced technology that brought them here. The government was ca...

  20. How dare they

    What the hell was going on? He’d written the best story ever told and no one had even bothered to thank him. He was not going to stand for this! He decided to send each one of his “followers” a letter. Dear Follower, You may have noti...

  21. The best story

    This was it. The fantastic story, he couldnt wait to see the reaction he got, He put so much effort into this. Everything he had went into this truly amazing short story. His grammer was perfect, the story was beautiful, it was funny, intelligent, sad,...

  22. The opening line.

    Andrew had FINALLY come up with a half decent title for the book, now he had to come up with a story. It need to have an exciting start, he needed to grab the readers attention, something that would make them want to read on. BOOM, the planet exploded ...

  23. Struck off (Mature)

  24. The L.O.E.M.A.T.T.L.O.A.

    Andy continued to live his life to maximum levels of awesomeness. He travelled to the Moon of Endor, blew up the second death star and over threw the empire. Then he destroyed the Borg. Then he won the championship game of Laser Tag at his local club. ...

  25. The League of Awesomeness

    And so Andy learned the truth of the LOA. He was greatly disappointed to discover it did not stand for Lovers Of Andy. The League of Awesomeness! Andy was determined, If this League actually exists then surely he must be a part of it. From that moment ...

  26. The LOA

    12 days ago Andy started writing on ficly. There was a fantastic collection of stories and a fantastic group of people. For the most part people seemed to like his work. He caused some laughs and he caused some controversy (Deus Ex Machina). But after...

  27. We need to talk

    For the first time in his life Scott was in love, it was brilliant, he felt like a king. He’d just returned from a two week trip with work and he missed Mary so much. He was so happy to be home. That night they went to the bar and met up with eve...

  28. 6 months later

    Billy had been teaching for 6 months now. It wasn’t what he expected, it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as he hoped. He sat in yet another classroom with yet another class. He didn’t particularly enjoy teaching this class. Most of the st...

  29. His masterpiece???

    No one had heard anything from Vince Grayson for the past two years. Every film critic in the country attended the premier, mainly because they received a free invitation and were promised a free bar. By the time Grayson entered the screen everyone was...

  30. His masterpiece

    This movie was the culmination of two years work. Two years of his life. Now the big day was finally here. The premier. All the cast and crew were here, as well as almost every film critic in the country. He was so proud of his film. He was even consi...

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