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I’m an astronomer, blogger, author, skeptic, and a few other things. I am dabbling here for fun. And practice.


  1. Random walk

    I know a mathematician’s an unlikely survivor. But it’s not axiomatic. By the time I realized I was in trouble, there was only one way to go: up. I locked the door, made sure the windows were secure, and ran up to the second floor. I peeked...

  2. Deep

    The flash was barely noticeable, seen askance. Ancient reflexes acted; I whipped my arms to turn myself. Maybe I did. I couldn’t perceive it. The light was gone before I could react, and all was black once again. I sighed in mind if not in practi...

  3. Space pocket

    For one terrifying fraction of a second, just long enough to register in my brain, I found myself surrounded by sky, staring at the outside skin of the aircraft. Then, just as rapidly, everything snapped back to normal. Holding my breath, I glanced ner...

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