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I enjoy writing very much and am happy to see that theyve brought back a form of ficlets. I will try to read everyone’s stories and would love for everyone to read mine. I dislike Twilight, but I love Harry Potter. I also enjoy singing and acting in whatever I can and writing for a section of my local newspaper.


  1. The Golden Bird

    A bird sat proudly atop a canyon, wings folded neatly behind it. It glanced downward and saw nothing but mist and the unknown. It cocked its head and snapped its beak impatiently. The bird leaped suddenly and spread its golden wings allowing the breeze...

  2. Summer's Sonnet

    clouds of grey clouds of white no flowers in bloom no birds in sight a summer’s day with winter’s chill an occasional breeze but mostly still but wait! what’s this? the sun shines through reminding me of what to do i sing i dance i l...

  3. Arachibutyrophobia

    Some people have fears of snakes. Others of heights. Many people are afraid of spiders. Me? I was born with the most embarrassing fear you could imagine. I’m am afraid of peanut butter sticking to the roof of my mouth. Most people scoff and tell ...

  4. Bang.

    2:45 am BANG! John Lyndon slammed his fist into the wall dividing his apartment with the one next door. His neighbor’s heavy metal band was far to loud and it was far too early. He brought his attention back to his computer screen. Like many in t...

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Gautier's Followers (4)

  • Nymphaea Rose
  • Violet
  • ElshaHawk (LoA)
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