Batak Beatrix

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Archaeologist. Adventurer. Hoarder of Awesome.


  1. From the Deep

    A discordant wailing sound filled the air as the priests began to play a gigantic set of pipes that looked as ancient as the rocks themselves, weaving a melody over the constant tattoo of the drum beats that drowned out the girl’s incoherent pleading...

  2. Stolen Pleasures.

    bzzzz… The fly buzzed lazily around my head, briefly alighting on my sunburned ear before continuing its endless droning circles. I longed to swat at it, to feel the dull thwack of my hand squash its buzzing body, but I didn’t dare with Mam...

  3. And The Air Was Filled With Spices

    He followed her through the market, watching her hips sway back and forth seamlessly with the flow of traffic. Scents swirled around her like colors in the stalls, filling his nose with the leonine golden tinge of saffron and curry, the sharp black bit...

Batak Beatrix's Friends (3)

  • CavalryCalhoone
  • ElshaHawk (LoA)
  • Jim Stitzel

Batak Beatrix's Followers (3)

  • CavalryCalhoone
  • ElshaHawk (LoA)
  • Jim Stitzel