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  1. The Accused

    The only sound was the the tick tock of the large clock in the Oglivys’ living room as we sat, all five of us, uncomfortably, on the sofa. We all watched Mr. Hadley intently as he paced back and forth, defiantly not sitting on the small chair tha...

  2. Ring

    “It belongs in a museum!” the man with the strange hat shouted. “No!” the hobbit shouted back, his fist clenched around the precious ring. “You can’t have it!” “Listen, kid,” the man with the strang...

  3. Proposal

    “I love you, " I said. Two years in the future I heard you say “I love you too”. I hesitated. That moment of panic must have flashed in my eyes as you seemed to tense up. You shifted uncomfortably. I tried to make up for it. Adde...