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  1. Shadows of Life

    I sat in the shadows of my living room, beer cans littering the table top. I sipped another, eyes half closed. I finished it, crushed it in my fist and chucked it across the room. It crashed off the wall and onto the floor. I cracked open another. Ther...

  2. Don't laugh (Mature)

  3. A Deal

    The demon harrumphs. “So either I take your unwilling soul or lead you to the One you seek and get nothing at all. That does not sound like a good deal.” Tom raised his hands, palms up. “It’s true. I do not offer you my soul but...

  4. A friend...

    Frank stumbled out of the warehouse, mind numb. “Fuckfuckfuck…whatthefuckishappeningtome?” He mumbled, body feeling colder and colder. He staggered on, past zombies that for some reason, no longer cared about him. They let him pass wi...

  5. The Best Laid Plans...

    The group, a ragtag band of citizens recruited to bolster the police force walked through the quiet town in a huddle. They peered this way and that, hands sweating on pistol and shotgun grips, the chief leading the way. They came across a few staggerin...

  6. off the path

    “What do we do?” Tom whispers, zipping up his pants, watching the eyes. “Ow! Sonofa-” he yelps, catching himself in his zipper. The eyes leap at the noise, their shadowy forms breaking away, streaking at the trio caught on the p...

  7. Only Human

    He walked in the rain down a dark street that had no street lamps. Drops pinged off his body in the moonlight. He scanned the area before turning down an empty alleyway. Past a dumpster, his feet thumping over the pavement, he saw a neon light which ha...

  8. Catching Bullets

    I tripped as I came out of the car, falling to the pavement. I saw the shooter’s feet facing the car, body jolting slightly with each shot. I heard a grunt. I saw and heard my partner’s body hit the ground. I pulled my gun as I stood up, he...

  9. Chasing A Bullet

    I remember my death quite well. It haunts me night after night. Dying isn’t something easily forgotten. I close my eyes and relive it, every detail perfect. My partner, Schofield and I were after a psycho who’d killed a young woman and toss...

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