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Joined September 2012 and calls My old ficlets account.... sad face home.

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Hello, Ficly….
We meet again ques dramatic theme music

It’s been many years, and in that time I’ve managed to lose my account information for my other profile on here…

nonetheless, it’s me, Blossom. Here’s my old profile to prove it

ha…haha… you know? I’m in the LoA….but I’ve quite forgotten just what my role in said organization is… I think I was a butt scratcher or somethingorother… (haay, don’t hate ;0 )


  1. (Corrosion)

    I slumped back, feeling the pleasant jar of impact against my tense back. “You know that abrupt exit won’t be sufficient to hold off the questions - the elders will send someone for you, and when that happens” “I know!” I ...

  2. Discipline

    A Ballerina stays her hand when reaching for a Danish. Cheese or apple, maybe both, would satiate her anguish. She lost her job, she broke her toe. She somehow lost her house keys. She grabbed the pastries, snarfed them down, and gloried in the c...

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