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Hey guys. I’m 14 And The names Tristan. I am a musician Actor and Writer but, I’m not completely sure on what I want to do. So I’m trying this stage out. I am usually on the internet most of the time anyways so, I am gonna try this for a change. :)


  1. SpongeBob DarePants

    One day in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob Sandy and Patrick were in Jellyfish fields. They are playing a game.. a game that’s going to change Bikini Bottom forever.. “Okay Patrick, Truth or Dare?” said Sandy. Patrick is out in a deep gaze, ...

  2. That Creepy Old Man. (Mature)

  3. A Dirty Joke (Mature)

  4. A Scary Place....... (Mature)

  5. Life ( Poem )

    A change of world, A change of heart A change of life, like a smelly fart. It’s like a movie, You always see. Or like a small but, growing tree. I live my life, I always think right Maybe wrong, but this isn’t a fight. I may lie, changing m...

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