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I think I’ve forgotten how to write poetry, so instead I’ll string pretty words together and insert a couple of line breaks to maintain appearances. Then again, appearance is an illusion, but so is depth.

Possibly the most brazen of all the ficly llamas.


  1. H

    I remember watching a video once, about repeating words enough times such that they stop making sense and become hieroglyphs So I repeat: death, death, death, death death death death death death death death death death death death death death until m...

  2. kyoto-osaka

    i’m drinking coffee in my sleep everyone else is too used to being numb mascara won’t dot train seats quiet has become a culture: nothing much to say everyone wears clinical masks to keep from the frost to keep away from the germs. (we are...

  3. fingertip

    history might not have been, had we known that failure was evitable and that we are not human.

  4. lifedrunk

    i want to hand you your mother on a plate. i want to fold a piece of paper into a tree i want to pluck some mushrooms from a forest that doesn’t exist and then serve it to you with sparkly glitter twinkling like bad CG from that one Rihanna dance...

  5. salt

    run from the spinning pillars. we will turn into grey vortexes of swirling sea; crystalline beads steady pace far from the citadel. there’s a globe on your left shoulder, you musn’t turn your head— you musn’t knock it off don...

  6. mathemagic

    I. Everyone has their limits but that doesn’t really apply to you you’re in your prime. II. It’s always difficult to integrate because integrating means having to differentiate yourself in relation to everyone else. III. you fight fo...

  7. Aging populations

    When you are 13 and attending your first Geography class, Mrs. Ho will tell you that “Singapore has an aging population”, and then she’ll tap the spacebar with a click far louder than its worth and on the screen you’ll see a s...



    Sidelined extremists hard-liner refugees At the end of the day we’ve made progress, unification that the “Victors” can’t protest It’s a Spartan victory, 1 to 2 2 to 5 5 to 6 overnight. We’ve won Golan Heights. But t...

  10. im mature

    Everytime I tag “Mature”, I feel a bit more smug about myself.

  11. The Alliance

    Bunch of conspirators gather online (modern technology enables creativity) Didn’t really know the game had started checked in this morning (always the last to know) (why do you have no balls, how do you expect me to dominate the world this way) (...

  12. de-Nasserize (Mature)

  13. An Elegy for Savvy D

    I wished you had been a brat or that you had some pretty messed up morals, because praising you would just make it like your death made you an angel. But darling, you always were, and the way you swore was always so gentle; it lacked punch. We always l...

  14. Forcefield

    Force equals to the mass times the acceleration of a young Jedi and his tail. Give him a lightsaber, teach him the mindtricks of your trade, but most of all— make sure he never meets his Father.

  15. Vocal training (Mature)

  16. glass

    I always knew I was more broken than you. You once told me that I was too closed off, I was only ever happy. I told you I had no reason to be anything but. You looked so afraid at that reply. “Everyone has feelings” You told me. I shrugge...

  17. I Will Not Let You Scream.

    I want to be there when the tide turns and swallows your shrieks  When he has played his last move and taken your king. I want to be there when she has learnt to hold the rapier to the junction between your collarbones and vocal chord.  All’s f...

  18. everyone can walk farther on their kneecaps

    There is something strangely cathartic about smearing Elmer’s glue haphazardly onto paper stars and then accidentally glueing my fingertips together or dripping glue onto my knee and then smooshing the gooey star into a pile of silvery glitter li...

  19. teeth

    It’s spring, bound and trussed: Crumple it. The things we first scream across the earth got printed and plastered on the April breeze Raise your glass higher or fold it between the hiss of champagne bubbles The bills blow by: Toss it in the tras...

  20. vertigo

    I am not afraid of heights. There is more blood in my brain than my legs the metal bars surrounding become a frame for a pendulum There is a lull in the distance between, in the toy cars (these welcoming miniatures) I am the maker. Until I drop. There...

  21. aristocat

    silver jewellery is beautiful as bullets, raining, screaming down

  22. Land Breeze

    eight o’clock — Ms. Jenny, the physics teacher once said that in the day, the sea stores heat in its folds as it collects the sun in handfuls (the sea has bigger palms than us and in them, more lines that cross) to keep it warm at night. ...

  23. Pixellated

    I remember Saturday mornings before six, clambering and dominating the sofa as King of the World, reach for the remote to find rainbow pixels dotting my screen. So I sat there, analysing and committing until Dora came on.

  24. Time machine

    I built a time machine to bring me back to the days but it’s a bit wonky days when we were children and but it’s a bit wonkyI built and sometimes it brings me back to when we were fighting and there were schismswe were children and factionalis...

  25. Alcyone

    There is no rain. There is no snow. Where is the storm? Remember when there were days we could just sit and watch the halcyon dusk?

  26. Maps

    long branches snaking between ink-splodged pages dividing into tributaries slithering around the paper in left-hand squiggles tiny geometrically open umbrellas And every now and then, a small man and woman, side-by-side, Separated by a thin line.

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