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Hi!!! :)
My name is Jamie and I love writing and writing short stories :) My friends greetings_starshine and Violet Turner introduced me to Ficly.
Hopefully we can be friends!I love reading other peoples works, they’re really amazing!I’m open to any criticism so tell me if I need to fix anything and I’ll take it on board!

I love olden day movies like Breakfast at Tiffanys and Some Like It Hot, Audrey Hepburn, the sound of Rain, Music, reading and writing and having as much fun in life as possible because we only live once!

I also have a twitter so follow me if you want: musical_love1

Cant wait to write many stories.
Hope you like them! :)


  1. Why?

    You abandoned me, Told me you would always be there for me It hurt you when I was sad And you promised, that you would never be mad You remembered you loved her, Stopped caring about me,only her I needed someone to be there for me Someone to help me,bu...

  2. The Jerk

    You think you’re better than everyone else. You think that you are cooler,alternative, because you’re different to everyone. Everyone is simply mainstream,normal, unlike you. You told me to get a life, first get your own! You think you ar...

  3. Perfect

    I look at them,properly now, almost through different eyes. What seemed perfect suddenly wasn’t. It proved that everything is not what it seems. It seemed like they were such close best friends, but really they weren’t. They felt controlled...

  4. Questions to Myself

    Dear Self, What are you going to do with your life? When will you stop bludging through your life? When will you start appreaciating everything that people do for you,instead of thinking the worst of everything? When will you stop blaming others for yo...

  5. Just That Girl Part 2

    Ring The bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson. As I walked out the classroom a soft finger tapped me on the shoulder. “Hi” she said, grinning, showing her gorgeous white glistening teeth. “H-Hi” He stuttered “I̵...

  6. Just That Girl Part 1

    She sat at the front of the english classroom, doodling on the front of her new textbook. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had long, flowing, brown hair that reached her waist, green eyes that sparkled like emeralds and the most per...

  7. Young Love Part 2

    Mia stood in line at starbucks, imaptiently, waiting to order a steaming caramel hot chocolate before she went to work. “Excuse me?” The man said, tapping Mia on the shoulder “Yes” she said, turning around to look at the man. &...

  8. Young Love Part 1

    Ben and Mia were the longest lasting couple in their pre-school classroom. The other kids were sure that they were going to get married, they had been together for 2 whole weeks. One day before nap time,Ben got down on one knee and announced in front o...

  9. Click

    Click The memory was now captured forever. The memory of one of the most amazing nights of my life. I promised myself I would never let myself forget this night. It felt like time was frozen for that split second that the photo was taken. I didnt want ...

  10. The Rain

    I’ve always loved the rain.Especially the fact that when it pores you can’t tell if I’m crying. It’s the night of the prom. We finally graduated!I slow danced with my boyfriend Daniel. Soon he disappeared and I found him “...

  11. It Will Be Ok

    “He texted me Bridgette!You want to hear what he wrote?! He wrote to me: “Hey Demi, You want to catch up sometime soon? Your addictive babe ;)” She squeals through the phone I can feel my heart breaking. I know I should be ecstatic fo...

  12. Rules Were Made To Be Broken

    “Rules Were Made To Be Broken Baby” Rick slurred He was drunk and I could smell the strong smell of whiskey everytime he pushed himself onto me and stuck his slobbery tongue down my throat. I was sober, which was a first for me. I was alway...

  13. The Headmaster

    Have you ever waited in a principals office? It’s the most boring thing in the world! The principals assistant sits in front of you, sometimes looking up from her computer screen to give you a disapproving look. This time I’d finally done s...

  14. Remember me?

    I knew the moment I saw him I loved him. I was at a friends party and I was standing alone with my drink. Everyone around me was coupled up and were making out around me. I felt like my efforts of dressing up were for nothing. Until I spotted him acros...

  15. The New Holly Golightley

    You know how people have places to escape to? You know those places, its when you’ve had the gloomiest day and the only thing that will cheer you up is going to this place. Well i have a special one: Tiffanys and Co. I got the idea when i first w...

  16. More Than Just Friends...

    I met Zac freshman year when I moved from Sydney, Australia to New York City. I met Zac and he helped me with my books and getting used to the school, my heart beated hard when he came and shook my hand,electricity shot up and down my back. We were fri...

  17. Halloween Hell

    When i was 13 years old i dressed up as a zombie bride and went trick or treating with my friends.We walked around my friends neihborhood, until we reached an eiry lane with fog everywhere. My friends thought it would be a great dare and to see who was...

  18. Horror Story Part 1

    The door bell rang, interrupting the horror movie that was playing on the big TV in the lounge. Her heart pumped fast as she picked up a baseball bat and headed for the door. The bell kept on ringing and ringing. She continued moving slowly through the...

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