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Sex, drugs, and Dungeons and Dragons.


  1. A Find!

    My eyes lay to rest upon a journal that I had not opened in a very long time. It was leather-bound and tied together with a thin leather string. Upon opening it, I found many choice entries from my early twenties. Unsurprisingly, they were about women....

  2. Oh love...

    It’s that beginning stage of being of being in love that’s the only part that’s really worth it. The one where you are all happy with butterflies in your stomach, dreaming of all the possibilities you have with the girl you love. You imagine what...

  3. Lovers

    There was once a girl who had too much sex, who met a boy who had done too many drugs. When the boy inquired as to how great it must be to have sex all the time, the girl embraced him and began to cry. She told him that it was empty, barren, and deprav...

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