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No one knows that I write – because I don’t tell them that I do and because I really don’t. Until now.


  1. chimera

    streaming down her face a meandering crimson river round her high cheekbones: a mountainous onslaught for truce of bloodshed: torrents flood parched lands flowers bloom like the virgin chuckles of a newborn of cradles: an undarkened lamina solid and pu...

  2. soldiership and poems

    I’ve been enlisted into military service recently, which explains the sore lack of writing here. As I move on to my next phase of training, I hope for more time to resume my writing endeavours. Here’s a haiku for posterity. camouflage, guns, love: ...

  3. Right, Left

    Wearing the right bra left her in a better state or probably not.

  4. Cruel Casanova

    All those niceties, that calm demeanour, that amicable smile that lasts every hour, conceals a congenial reality, a personality - innocent, incognizant of a sinister duality projected by those eyes, like a mirage cunningly charming his deluded entourag...

  5. Departure

    Stoically, silently, stupidly - 
little time to start a revolution -
 my heart grinds, as if mechanically. Gears turn – a glorious initiation. Eyelids flutter like a broken floodgate. Torrents of tears burst – asphyxiation. Smothered by...

  6. Insomniac

    your delicate smile it touches my weary heart; awake two hours more

  7. Pen

    It lands acutely, absolutely. An albatross over a white ocean, wandering, wondering, nearer the horizon, eventually exhausted, exasperated. It is devoid of truth.

  8. Digital Eulogy

    I met a stranger on digital lands. I did not know him, nor did he know me. Death, he met in reality. I did not know death, nor did Death know me. And, with Death, he followed. I knew he deserted reality, I knew he abandoned digital lands. I did not kno...

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