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In my mind I can run, jump, and play. In truth I can play. I love stories with irony or clever twists. I am the Grand Poobah of the Cantankerous LoA.


  1. The Dollar

    I have had better coffee, but the cherry pie was good, and the waitress was cute and friendly. Standing, I pulled some coins from my pocket. One of the coins was a big old silver dollar. ‘What the hell’, I thought, as I placed it next to my...

  2. The Sniper - 400 Ficlets Challenge

    Sergent Hargrove moved two inches and lay still. He was pleased that the slight breeze rustled the tall grass around him. He crawled forward again, four inches this time. He needed to get another 30 yards to be within range. He also had to get within r...

  3. The Wait continued

    He ran the back of his hand over his stubble of whiskers. He wished he had gone with them, at the same time he was glad that he didn’t. He looked at his watch, then held it to his ear. He looked back out the window and was surprised to see the white ...

  4. The Wait

    He stood, hands thrust deep in his pockets, looking out the window. Absent-mindedly his eyes followed a brown leaf tumbling across the dead grass. The leaden sky pleased him; it matched his mood. He stood away from the window only to return at the soun...

  5. Coming Out Party

    As the last to arrive at the party, I was surprised at the lack of cars. Dave’s Chevy was here, as was Mikes Ford pickup, and Tony’s Thunder bird. In the driveway was Fred’s Toyota. What the hell is going on? I wondered. I had receive...

  6. We Danced all Night

    The ballroom was crowded when I stepped into the room. The music was loud and the beer was flowing. I worked my way through the gyrating bodies to the bar, and asked for a Fosters. Leaning back, my elbows on the bar, I scanned the room. ‘Humm,...

  7. I was warned.

    I had heard rumors of this happening, but when you’re young you expect tall tales from older guys, so I was not really prepared for turning invisible. I started to fade out when I was 50. I would give my best campaign smile to a woman and she wou...

  8. The Davis Identity (Editors Challenge)

    The vomit between my feet was the same texture as the biscuits and gravy I’d eaten for breakfast. A terrorist attack on the California Zephyr, they said, but I was unprepared for the scene that unfolded before me. The explosion had to have been h...

  9. Editor's Challenge

    This challenge is easy, all you need to do is rewrite someones story. Take a story that you gave less than 5 stars too, and rewrite it to make it into a 5 star story. Try not to hurt anyones feelings. End date, Aug. 15th.

  10. Hidden Agenda

    Fifteen year old Danny Stone, called Rock by his friends, had a secret. It was 4:30pm when The Stone, signed off with his bros, and entered his brownstone house. “Ma, I’m home,” he called out. “You’re late. You’d bet...

  11. No Swimming

    I picked up my phone; it’s Durfee. “Chad,” he said, “I just heard your divorce is final today.” “That it is. The reason I called is I’m having a DIVORCE party Saturday night. And I was hoping I could count on y...

  12. The Naked Line

    The concrete floor was cold on my bare feet, and I could feel a draft on my bare legs. There were nine of us standing, eyes straight ahead, hands folded over our genitals. I don’t know how long we stood there, it seemed like hours. There was to b...

  13. Budget Cuts

    It’s not what you might expect, being dead. There was my body, lying on a hospital bed, and was my spirit hovering over my body? Nope, I was sitting cross legged on a visitor chair waiting for someone to find out I was dead. I now understand why ...

  14. Loquacious

    “You know, you talk too much,” he said, "in fact you all talk too much. How do you expect me to apply your make-up with all the yak- yakking? And it’s all about me, me, me; do you ever think to ask how I’m doing? I have pro...

  15. The Last Drive Inn (Mature)

  16. Only Kill Bad People

    When I was eleven I was thrilled to read about my exploits in the newspaper. I had cut the throats of six stray dogs in the neighborhood. But the papers got it all wrong, they wrote as if it was a bad thing to kill dogs that terrorized people. Later on...

  17. Grandma and the home Game

    I was gripping the bench seat so tightly my hands ached. There, coming up to bat was my grandson, Eric. Only eight years old, but he strode over to the plate like a major leaguer. Come on Eric I prayed. Let’s see a home run “Ball”, ye...

  18. Death in the Valley

    The Red Coats broke from the tree line into a clearing of knee deep snow. Their tall red bonnets made them look like flowers against the stark whiteness in the morning light. Unexpectedly, from across the clearing, came a volley of rifle fire. The flag...

  19. The Prize

    Oh my god, she was beautiful. Her long dark hair seemed to float behind her as she skipped down the sidewalk. She was maybe ten or eleven; by twelve they turn into brats. She reminded me of a young filly, with her long legs and boundless energy. She wa...

  20. Dear John challnge

    Dear John, I sold your horse, don’t bother to send your saddle home.

  21. Night Visitor

    I don’t like to do this in the rain. The rain muffles ordinary sounds, but once I’m committed there is just no stopping. I keep one eye on the couple in bed. The man is snoring softly, the woman moans occasionally in her sleep. I carefully ...

  22. Hidden Weapon

    Fourteen year old Clark knew where his dad hid the pistol, but had never thought to looked for the weapon, until today. His new friend, Merle Webster, was all about guns. Clark let slip that his dad had a Colt .45, and right away Merle wanted to see it...

  23. Painting the Roof

    One fifteen in the afternoon of a hot July day, David scampered up the rickety old ladder carrying a six pack of Coors beer. His brother, Allen, was brushing on shamrock green paint over the old shake shingles, spied the beer, “I thought you were...

  24. Her

    She had freckles on her but, I loved her just the same.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  25. Life and Death

    In the beginning of life there is noise, in the center there is struggle, in the end there is silence.

  26. More Conversations (Mature)

  27. Lesbian Action [Classy Porn Challenge] (Mature)

  28. Scene One [Classy Porn challenge] (Mature)

  29. Scene One [Classy Porn challenge] (Mature)

  30. Time

    Time went so fast when I was outside, but inside time stands still. I sit, my elbows on my knees staring at the floor. My denim trousers, cuffs ragged, brush the tops of my feet. Funny, I used to hate clipping my toenails, now I look forward to that ti...

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