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  1. The Power of Age

    Crap. I didn’t hear him come until he opened the door, and at that moment it was useless to either try to turn the vid off or scramble for the Kleenex box to dry the wetness. I turned to my gaping brother, his devastatingly horrible haircut and s...

  2. Dee

    ‘Hey, Dee.’ ‘Hm?’ ‘How can you even work with that pixie floating around?’ Ey mumbled in response, one hand writing swishy signatures, the other moving the steaming cup of tea between the mouth and the table. ‘...

  3. The Aura: Bad Manners

    A thought slipped into John’s mind, as if an instinct. “That’s not how we’re gonna play. You first.” The Director’s aura dimmed a little, but quickly returned to the gleaming white – and the man once again wore...

  4. The Aura: Cat Remainders

    “What’s it this time, Milo?” Paula yanked her arm out of Scotsman’s grip. His expression was serious, lips curling hostile as he drawled the words. “The Director ordered us to wait. Ye ahmnesiac or wha’?” She t...

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