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  1. Pilgrimage

    A thousand years ago, humans abandoned this city. Before they left they constructed the enormous cube shaped building that you know sits at the heart of the city, where all the roads come together. That building, as you are also aware, is a supercomput...

  2. the white room

    The door is made of heavy wood, and is slightly swollen from the humidity. Corroded metal hinges groan as you push it open, the bottom grinding across the rough flagstone floor. A cool mist awaits behind the door, and a soft glow. Quite unlike the horr...

  3. Deadtrees

    “Books are for old people.” I said, mustering up my best mean face. “Now give me back my phone.” That old man confiscated my communicator and was trying to get me to agree to read something out of a dusty old deadtree. He may be...

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